About StA Life Teen

Life Teen is best described by taking a deeper look at our Seven Core Values:

Eucharistic Spirituality

Life Teen Spirituality can best be understood through our seven Core Values. Let's start with #1, our Eucharistic Spirituality. At the Last Supper, Jesus lifted up bread and wine and proclaimed to his disciples that he was offering His Body and Blood. For over 2000 years, Catholics have continued this tradition by celebrating Mass and receiving Jesus in a unique way. We at Life Teen believe that a solid Catholic faith must be centered on the Eucharist. It is the source and summit of our faith.


They'll know we're Christians by our love. This world is consumed with hate and envy. We hope that all teenagers who show up at Life Teen at their parishes will know that they're loved.


Who says Catholicism has to be boring? We believe that Jesus is a reason to be joyful and excited about life. You can guarantee that everything we do will be a good time for everyone.


People are always telling you what you're not. But at Life Teen, our core value of Affirmation reminds us that Jesus showed us a different way. We encourage one another, support one another, and pick each other up when we get knocked down. We're in this together.


Tired of wearing the masks? Tired of fake people? We are too. That's why Life Teen has made it a core value to live an authentic life. We don't pretend we're perfect. We recognize that we're all sinners and we need God. This means we're able to be honest and vulnerable with one another. We want to be REAL with one another.


We believe that every teenager deserves a chance to have a relationship with Jesus. That's why we're not content hiding in our churches hoping for people to fill our pews. We want to boldly enter the streets and invite everyone--young and old--to grow closer to God.

Primary Vocation

Sometimes it's easy to get distracted by all the work that needs to be done in the world. That's why the adults who are involved in Life Teen are expected to keep their vocation their #1 priority. So if you're a married youth minister, like me, you must take care of your family first. If you're a priest or a religious brother or sister, don't become so consumed in youth ministry that you forget God called you first to Him, and second to serving his people. And if you are a teen just beginning to think about the potential you have, trust in Him and pray to be allowed to hear His Call.


What does this all look like here at St. Andrew’s???

Life Nights

It's fun to learn about your faith with your friends. Our hope is that every Life Night is not just fun, but also challenges you to go deeper in your relationship with God and to know more about your Catholic faith. Life Nights are held on a weekly basis. We meet together Sundays, after the 5:30 pm Mass until 8:30 pm in the Teen Center.

Youth Mass

The most important part of every Life Teen and Edge program is the Youth Mass. Key parts of a youth Mass are a welcoming atmosphere, reverent and relevant music, and an engaging homily that speaks to the issues in your life. You will see subtle changes to the way we do our 5:30 pm youth Mass over the course of the next couple months- beginning with more relevant music from our new Youth Choir. Most importantly, the youth Mass will remain sacred and timeless.


Why would we have retreats? Because we know that you need a chance to get away from the drama of ordinary life and spend a few days doing nothing but spending time with God and with our Catholic community of friends.