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Mass Reflection- If I Am Rich, I Will Go To Hell???

This week, we hear a famous story from the Gospel of Mark. In Mark 10:17-27, we read of a man running up to Jesus and asking him a very good question- what does he need to do to get into Heaven? Jesus, as he does so often, answers the man by turning the question back […]

Mass Reflection- What is Commitment???

As I sat in Mass last night, I was compelled-as I usually am- to think deeper about the readings I was hearing be proclaimed… Msgr. Moyer had some very insightful things to say in his homily, and it got me thinking. Our readings were from Genesis 2: 18-24, Hebrews 2: 9-11, and Mark 10: 2-16. […]

Launch was a SUCCESS!!!!

With more than 100 teens at the Launch of Life Teen last night, we could not be more excited for the year!! Thanks to ALL of you who came! We are looking forward to seeing you here next Sunday at 5:30 pm for Mass and then our LIfe Night from 7-8:30! God is doing GREAT […]