College Life

So What Is College Life???

College Life is an ALL NEW program from the Life Teen family!

St. Andrew’s offers an entirely new approach to Young Adult Ministry! College Life provides an atmosphere for students of college age (18-25) to deepen their faith. This program focuses on faith development that builds on your foundation already received.

The “College Life Nights” are a time for us to gather in fellowship and share about our experiences as young adults, the difficulties and joys of growing up and leaving the comfortable confines of high school, as well as learn practical ways to continue living your Catholic life.

College Life has a Scripture, Issue, Catechetical, and Social aspect to it; much like Life Teen. We meet on Thursday evenings during the school year. And, the great thing about College Life is that if you are no longer able to join us in person for our College Life Nights, the entire meeting will be available online, along with the study for the night and discussion questions for you to work on personally and share on our Facebook page!!

Series 1- LEVELED


College Life- Series: Leveled, Theme: “Minimize”

This is our College Life Night from September 26, 2013.

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College Life- Series: Leveled, Theme: “Shoot-Aim”

This is the full College Life Night from September 19, 2013 at St. Andrew the Apostle.
This is the first night in a five week series called “Leveled.” The theme for tonights discussion was “Shoot-Aim.”

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